A tangled birthday party

When people ask me how old Hadley is, I still can’t believe the answer is ONE! I know that it has only been a little over a week since her birthday, but just in this last week it seems like she’s gone from being our little baby to being our little girl. I love getting to watch her learn and grow each day. There is simply nothing better. Every time she does something for the first time my momma heart leaps for joy! But more about our little girl and all she is learning later, first I want to share some pictures and memories of Hadley’s first birthday party! It was small and simple, but to me it was perfect.

First off, let me explain that Hadley LOVES the movie Tangled. She will watch it start to finish, all while smiling, singing and clapping along. She doesn’t do this with just any show, so it is safe to say it is one of her favorites! It is fun to watch her watch it! That being said, how could we not have a Tangled themed party for her??

Second, I have to give a huge shout out to Chase for helping me SO much with the party! After planning this party I give props to any and all party planners out there!  Hadley’s party was small, and there were still so many little things to think about and have ready. Among other things, Chase stayed up until 3 that morning making cupcakes while I went to the hospital to be with my sister while she had her baby! He was (and always is) a trooper! I love him so much. He would do anything for me and Hadley and we are blessed to have him. Also, thanks to both my mom and Chase’s mom for bringing things to the party!

It was a beautiful day spent with people that love Hadley and that we love too!

Haha Hadley wasn’t all that into opening her presents. I don’t think she quite understood why we were taking things away from her after she had just opened them! And by far her favorite part of the whole cake thing was when we all sang “Happy Birthday” to her! She loved that.

On the menu:

“Hazelnut soup” (aka: Tortilla soup!) served with rolls and tortilla chips. And for dessert-cupcakes!

We also had a table set up for everyone to paint Hadley a picture-since we all know that one of Rapunzel’s favorite activities is painting 😉 Happy birthday Hadley girl, we love you!


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