Our Story

Chase and I first met May 18th, 2005 at the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode 3. Both of us being goofy (and maybe a little awkward) high school students at the time, never would have guessed that we would be getting married a short 6 years later. We stayed friends all throughout high school and first started dating February 2008. A few months after Chase returned home from serving his mission in Illinois we were in engaged, and a few months after that we were married and…the rest is history! Marrying my best friend was the best decision I have ever made.

Why did I start this blog, you may ask? Well we are married, therefore, we blog.

…but besides that I love being able to document a few of our fun memories and share some of them with you! A little bit about us: we love eating (neither of us are very picking-unless you count me not liking raisins), we love camping, we love traveling, we love movies, we love pretty much anything you can do outdoors, we love ASU football (even when they are not so good), we love our families (they are pretty much dabomb.com) and last but not least we love each other.

that’s us. the end.