A tangled birthday party

When people ask me how old Hadley is, I still can’t believe the answer is ONE! I know that it has only been a little over a week since her birthday, but just in this last week it seems like she’s gone from being our little baby to being our little girl. I love getting to watch her learn and grow each day. There is simply nothing better. Every time she does something for the first time my momma heart leaps for joy! But more about our little girl and all she is learning later, first I want to share some pictures and memories of Hadley’s first birthday party! It was small and simple, but to me it was perfect.

First off, let me explain that Hadley LOVES the movie Tangled. She will watch it start to finish, all while smiling, singing and clapping along. She doesn’t do this with just any show, so it is safe to say it is one of her favorites! It is fun to watch her watch it! That being said, how could we not have a Tangled themed party for her??

Second, I have to give a huge shout out to Chase for helping me SO much with the party! After planning this party I give props to any and all party planners out there!  Hadley’s party was small, and there were still so many little things to think about and have ready. Among other things, Chase stayed up until 3 that morning making cupcakes while I went to the hospital to be with my sister while she had her baby! He was (and always is) a trooper! I love him so much. He would do anything for me and Hadley and we are blessed to have him. Also, thanks to both my mom and Chase’s mom for bringing things to the party!

It was a beautiful day spent with people that love Hadley and that we love too!

Haha Hadley wasn’t all that into opening her presents. I don’t think she quite understood why we were taking things away from her after she had just opened them! And by far her favorite part of the whole cake thing was when we all sang “Happy Birthday” to her! She loved that.

On the menu:

“Hazelnut soup” (aka: Tortilla soup!) served with rolls and tortilla chips. And for dessert-cupcakes!

We also had a table set up for everyone to paint Hadley a picture-since we all know that one of Rapunzel’s favorite activities is painting 😉 Happy birthday Hadley girl, we love you!


10 months

We are officially a month behind people! But that’s okay because I am determined to keep this little blog afloat. So here we go…expect a 11 month post in another week or two!

Hadley 10 months

9 months (and mobile!)

Blog?…I forgot I had one for a while there!

Seriously, between work, moving, school starting for Chase, end of summer festivities and now a very mobile 10-month-old, things have been busy! Yet, amongst the chaos, I have been trying extra hard lately to s…l…o…w down a bit every day and enjoy where I am.

No, that wasn’t a typo and Hadley is actually now 10 months, not 9, but this is her 9 month post nonetheless. She is a little goober and we love getting to watch her little brain spin with imagination and exploration about how and why things work. It’s pretty amazing.

Note: The first thing mentioned on her “About me” picture is that she is officially crawling. I had to include some extra pictures to demonstrate her new skill! PS- I love her open mouth cheesy smile. It never gets old!

Another “life lately” post!

Oh my goodness. I really shouldn’t let myself get this so far behind on my blog. So many fun and new things are happening and I want to document them all! So here we go! Picture, pictures and more pictures.

Lately we have…

Taken naps in the woods

Celebrated Mother’s day (with breakfast in bed) and my mom’s birthday (My sister Katie gave us all a Sprinkles cupcake for Mother’s day too! Thank you Katie!)

Missed dadda for a week while he went to San Francisco for work

Celebrated this little girls’ 1/2 birthday

Got to eat delicious salads prepared by my wonderfully talented mother (This pic was taken weeks ago and I’m still dreaming about this greek salad she made!)

Wished we were at Disneyland

Got to swing for the first time in the same swing dadda used to swing in when he was little

Attended the beautiful wedding of Chase’s brother Justin and his new wife Ashley (Hadley was too interested in pulling at everyone’s flowers to care about anything else!)

Loved watching Baby Einsteins (She gets big smiles whenever the puppets come on-like in the first two pictures. Then stares in amazement and joy-like in the third picture! It kills me.)

Loved to lay on the bed and watch momma get ready (She especially loves when I use hairspray…who knows? But it’s cute!)

Hid from momma in the laundry (with dadda’s help of course!)

Swam with our cousins a lot (Our very own dis-functional family pic!)

Have started to use a baby monitor app and this is how Hadley tells me she is awake (She makes her way to the ipad and proceeds to grab it while smiling and talking. “Momma, I’m awake!”

And here is the famous “Okay, mom, you’ve taken enough pictures for now. Get that thing out of my face! (Or in my mouth!).” Either works


A few weeks back we decided to take Hadley up to Pinedale for her first camping trip. As usual, Hadley was a trooper and we all had lots of fun! I wasn’t the best at taking pictures throughout the trip but did manage to snap a few shots before we packed up and headed home! I’m pretty much obsessed with how blue Hadley’s eyes look in these pics.

Can’t wait until next time!

Birthday shenanigans!

This past Saturday I turned 24! We started off our day with breakfast at Joe’s Farm Grill, which was delicious as always, then headed off to my parents house to watch the first session of conference. In the words of my sister Staci “Babies just make everything more fun!” It’s true. We loved watching conference with our sweet baby girl for the first time!

In between sessions what is there better to do than go to Costco and raid all the samples? Nothing. This Saturday of sampling at Costco was particularly golden if you ask me! There were so.many. samples. I left feeling like we had eaten lunch and we had fun! Win, win.

We went back to my parents to watch the second session followed by a delicious meal at a newly discovered and super yummy Chinese restaurant we love. Conveniently the restaurant is right next to a Krispy Kreme so we stopped and picked up my free donut which I saved for breakfast the next day. I love donuts.

Because my mom is awesome she wanted to buy me a new pair of rollerblades for my birthday so we went to Sports Authority to pick some out. I love them! Stac and I went for a ride Sunday afternoon and had so much fun! I see many, many more rides in our future.

The day ended with a trip to Liberty Market with all my sisters and my mom where we ate yummy pizza, red velvet cake (a new favorite), bread pudding (absolutely delicious), and the classic salt river bar. If you have never been to Liberty Market, go, like now! It is so good. Chase met us there after the priesthood session and after we were all full to the brim we decided to head home.

There was I greeted with a gorgeous boutique of flowers, a sweet note, some gift cards and 3 coupons that are good for 3 pre-planned date nights with one hot date! I can’t wait to cash those in! We got Hadley ready for bed, turned on a movie and probably fell asleep a few minutes later! Haha, we were pretty tired after our long but fun and exciting day!

I’m so lucky to have got to spend the day with people I love. I wouldn’t have wanted  it any other way. Thanks to everyone for celebrating with me! It is so fun to hear from everyone that sent messages and called. I didn’t do great at taking too many pictures that day but I did get a few and took some more on Sunday just for good measure!

Playing in the splash pad, waiting for everyone to arrive

Playing in the splash pad, waiting for everyone to arrive

Me and Charly girl

Me and Charly girl

Me and Katie at Liberty Market

Me and Katie at Liberty Market

My favorite way to exercise

Hadley LOVES her cousins

Hadley LOVES her cousins

Hadley and G

Hadley and G

Hadley and GG

Hadley and GG

Adorable little feet

Adorable little feet

I love her big, toothless smile. Never gets old and is extremely contagious

I love her big, toothless smile. Never gets old and is extremely contagious


I woke up this morning feeling very thankful. No particular reason, I just am. Life is no where near perfect and hard things and hard days happen but today I’m just grateful for it all.

a few firsts…

Here are some more of Hadley’s “firsts”…

Her firsts attempts to roll over! She is getting super close but as yet to actually make it all the way over!

Her first sleepover without her parents (For TWO whole nights people!) She did great and we had lots of fun on our anniversary trip! a HUGE thank you to my wonderful mother (for both keeping her happy AND introducing her to cotton candy ;)!)

Her first trip to the Zoo. I know she really has no idea what’s going on but Hadley loves to be outside and part of the action! You can just tell by the way she watches her cousins play that she can’t wait to run around with them!

And as of a couple days ago she has been attempting to eat anything that she can get her hands on…(ie- books, iphone, pens) If you are holding her and have something in your hand, she grabs your hands and pulls them towards her with her mouth wide open. It’s pretty cute, especially because her mouth is so small!