8 months

Here are some fun facts about our not-so-little, little 8 month old! We love you Hadley Jo.


Another “life lately” post!

Oh my goodness. I really shouldn’t let myself get this so far behind on my blog. So many fun and new things are happening and I want to document them all! So here we go! Picture, pictures and more pictures.

Lately we have…

Taken naps in the woods

Celebrated Mother’s day (with breakfast in bed) and my mom’s birthday (My sister Katie gave us all a Sprinkles cupcake for Mother’s day too! Thank you Katie!)

Missed dadda for a week while he went to San Francisco for work

Celebrated this little girls’ 1/2 birthday

Got to eat delicious salads prepared by my wonderfully talented mother (This pic was taken weeks ago and I’m still dreaming about this greek salad she made!)

Wished we were at Disneyland

Got to swing for the first time in the same swing dadda used to swing in when he was little

Attended the beautiful wedding of Chase’s brother Justin and his new wife Ashley (Hadley was too interested in pulling at everyone’s flowers to care about anything else!)

Loved watching Baby Einsteins (She gets big smiles whenever the puppets come on-like in the first two pictures. Then stares in amazement and joy-like in the third picture! It kills me.)

Loved to lay on the bed and watch momma get ready (She especially loves when I use hairspray…who knows? But it’s cute!)

Hid from momma in the laundry (with dadda’s help of course!)

Swam with our cousins a lot (Our very own dis-functional family pic!)

Have started to use a baby monitor app and this is how Hadley tells me she is awake (She makes her way to the ipad and proceeds to grab it while smiling and talking. “Momma, I’m awake!”

And here is the famous “Okay, mom, you’ve taken enough pictures for now. Get that thing out of my face! (Or in my mouth!).” Either works


A few weeks back we decided to take Hadley up to Pinedale for her first camping trip. As usual, Hadley was a trooper and we all had lots of fun! I wasn’t the best at taking pictures throughout the trip but did manage to snap a few shots before we packed up and headed home! I’m pretty much obsessed with how blue Hadley’s eyes look in these pics.

Can’t wait until next time!

End of summer, frozen nutty bars and such!

Holy moly time is flying by! I feel like I’m always saying that but I just can’t help it. Is it really already September? Does 2012 really only have 4 months left in it? I guess so-I just can’t believe it! Chase and I had a great rest of the summer just enjoying the time we got to spend together, and with our families! And boy are we glad we took advantage of that time because things are definitely starting to pick up pace. Tis the season for school, bridal and baby showers, weddings, ASU football, holidays and not to far in the future baby!

I’m now 30 weeks along which, although I still have 10 more to go, seems like a pretty big milestone in my book! I still get an assortment of reactions from people when I tell them the due date and the people who flatter me with that’s-not-too-far-way response are still my favorite. I just want to give them a big hug. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for keeping this little girl of ours cooking for as long as she needs but I still can’t wait to meet her and hold her and love her even more than I already do!

A quick pregnancy update (since I know you are all dying to know, but truthfully I don’t want to forget!) at 30 weeks.

My new favorite treats are Nutty Bars. Frozen. They have to be frozen.

I’m pretty sure I can now join the club of knowing what it feels like to have a baby’s arm/leg/who knows what in my ribs. Awww, comfort!

I still love feeling her move, roll and kick around (even if it is in my ribs!). Seriously if someone looked at the right moment they would see my stomach doing all sorts of crazy movements.

I’ve been waking up at 4 in the morning and not being able to fall  back asleep.  I can’t figure our why, but it’s really not that bad!

This extra “little heater” (aka my growing stomach) that everyone was talking about has finally turned on. I can’t wait for it to cool down and I don’t think I am alone.

Our current list of names is still the same as it always has been-give or take a few names. I think we are going to wait to see her to officially decide though!

I’m a little worried about my pant situation right now. Maternity pants fit and all but are still uncomfortable to me especially when sitting down. Solution: wear actual pants as least as possible and stick to leggings and comfy pants as much as possible! (All without feeling too much like a bum 24/7.)

All in all though I honestly have NOTHING to complain about (and I promise I’m not writing this to complain!) and I’m so thankful for how great things have gone so far! We love our baby girl so much already and I’m so grateful for the chance I have to be her mom. And of course, I couldn’t do any of it without my amazing husband. He’s taking on all sorts of projects around the house and does it all with a smile. Yep, this “nesting” thing (for some reason I still laugh at that phrase) is in full swing. Which means as of right now, our house is a mess. But we are making progress and I’ll owe Chase a million back scratches and some, come November. He is the best!

Here are some pictures of Baby Girl Wheeler at our 3D Ultrasound, 28 weeks old! She spent most of the time trying to hide her face but we still were able to get a few smiles out of her…

And she is already a thinker!

Weekend in review!

Here are some pics to sum up our weekend full of family and beautiful weather (that I only wish could last forever! I love monsoon season.)

It’s a sad but also a happy thing to share the news that after almost 6 years of living in the Treasure Cove house my parents are moving. Even though I haven’t been living there for over a year now I still have lots of memories in that house as does my whole family I think. We spent pretty much all day Saturday packing things up and moving them over to the new house. Embarrassing as it is to admit, I still had some things to go through of my own in my old bedroom. Among them I found things like this note from Staci from years ago! We couldn’t help but laugh!

I also gave her something near and dear to my heart that taught me all that I know (a huge wink wink because honestly I have no idea where this book came from and have never read it before! I promise!)

Luckily we were inside packing and not actually moving when this downpour occurred! I love it though and had to resist going for a float in a inner tube or something! I’m going to miss this view.

Sunday we made a last minute trip up north to Pinedale with Chase’s parents where we got to enjoy even more beautiful weather and a very relaxing day- rain, naps, nature walks and dogs included!

Not pictured: Friday night we went out to Cheesecake Factory just because and it was delicious, as usual! Then we went and tested out some lazy boys. Let me just say, it may have been my first time in that store, but it won’t be my last! It was a great night.

Disneyland withdrawals…already?

Yep, I’m already experiencing them. Major withdrawals from Disneyland. (And we haven’t even gone on our last trip yet! Not a good sign.)

It all started last Wednesday night when we booked our hotel for what will be our last trip to Disneyland for probably some time. Our annual passes are expiring soon, so I have known for awhile that it was going to end but I definitely didn’t expect to be this sad!! It’s pretty pathetic.

We’ve been SO LUCKY to have had these passes this last year and have more than put them to good use. It’s pretty funny because a lot of times we’ll get asked things like, “You guys are going to Disneyland again?” or “Do you ever run out of things to do?” or “Does it ever get boring?” Answers: YES! No and no. I’m not trying to put a major plug in for Disneyland here or anything but we really do have so many memories there. We (meaning our families and Chase and I) can walk around that park blind folded and know exactly where we are. We know what wait times are worth waiting for and when to not wait and go back, where to eat, which side of the line moves faster than the other, where almost all the hidden Mickeys are, have the fast pass system down PAT and know Oscar (sorry if you don’t know who Oscar is) on a first name basis.

I’m not saying this to be cool or anything and I am SURE there are other families just as nerdy as us out there (and yes I do think this is extremely NERDY!)—all I’m saying is that each vacation that we’ve been to there (rain or shine, packed or empty, hot or cold) has been jammed packed with so many memories!


Who will be the rebel spy? Following Mrs. Incredible. Dancing like Jasmine. Becoming Hans Solo and Princess Leia. Captain Eo (for the 385754 billionth time in a row!–Thanks Chase and Kyle!) Broken down Space Mountain. Fastasmic Mickey and dreams of becoming him. Dole whips. Corn dogs. Snowing on Main Street. Best Buzz score. Riding Dumbo in the pouring rain. Magic mornings. Grand Californian Hotel. Fast pass game plans. Jedi training and breakfast burritos. Playing corners on Thunder Mountain.

I really could go on and on but for the sake of the 3/4’s of you reading this that now think I am crazy, I’ll stop. To put it simply, it’s been a great year and I can’t wait to take our baby girl there for the first time someday (although I am sure she’ll be there for the first time long before she’ll ever be able to remember it!)

And as I finishing writing this I am once again torn when it comes to the question of whether or not to renew our passes! I may need some help standing strong on this one.

It’s just too tempting!

PS- This post has also made me miss my brother Kyle too! If anyone was/is a Disneyland fanatic, he was! Along with Chase, he was our fast pass runner extraordinaire.

party with the party people

I love taking pictures. I don’t have a super fancy camera or anything and I have never taken a photography class but I still love it. Ask my hubby, I ALWAYS have my camera. On rare occasion do I not have it and it is when that happens that I really wish I did. Another thing that I love is my family. I love them for many reasons of course, one being that they are par.ty.go.ers. No matter the activity, no matter the notice, no matter what time of day, they are up for it. I’m not going to lie and say that it is easy to keep up with all the time but the memories are worth it.

Put these two things that I love together and what do you get? Da da da daaaaa…..pictures of my family! First of them being…Chase and I at the opening night of Les Miserables. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen this play twice now and I absolutely love it. Love the music. Love the story-line. If you ever get the chance to see this play, see it!

Another adventure that took place this month was MIGHTY MUD MANIA! The name is awesome enough without explanation but for those of you who may not know what this is, I’ll explain. Once a year, a park in Scottsdale turns into a GIANT mud pit. There are mud pits, obstacles courses, slip-in-slides, food, music and (something new we discovered this year thanks to Madelyn) bubbles, and lots of them. Being 22 and wanting to go play in mud, I thought it might be a good idea to take along a youngin so we could “be there for them.” Well, this particular 18-month-old that I decided to bring as my “I’m here for her” (what a sport) apparently DOES NOT, I repeat DOES NOT like to get dirty. No worries though, with G their Maddy still had fun, especially after we located the bubbles. We had lots of fun and will definitely be back next year!

Me: “See Maddy, this dirty inner tube is fun!”—Didn’t buy it.

Me: “Nice froggy!”—Didn’t buy it.

Me: “Look at all the other kids having so much fun!”—Didn’t buy it.

After we found the bubbles/G…one happy little girl!

The end results

Another kick we have been on this month is going to Diamond Back games! This last time we pick up Los Favoritos (a really yummy Mexican food restaurant) and ate dinner at the game! Dessert consisted on dill spitz (an old favorite of Chase and a new very favorite of Maddy) and red vines. We had a good time!

Maddy eating the “de-shelled” spitz! After every one she ate, she would look up and have a huge smile on her face. She was eating them WAY faster them we could de-shell them!

And what better way to end the month then by running into you family outside the movie theater looking like this…

Any guesses as to the movie they were going to see?


Yes…Mr. Poppin’s Penguins

Ya, we party with the party people.

a quick catch up. and….go!

Well, now that it is officially summer and “supposedly” I have more free time, I’ll give a quick update as to what Chase and I have been up to the past few weeks. First a recap of graduation. Graduation day was long but good. Graduating from ASU is definitely bitter sweet. I for one enjoyed going to school and I’m sure come fall I’ll wish I could take a class or two. What I’m pretty sure I won’t miss: driving to and from campus (this was long and caused me to associate with drivers who most definitely do not know how to drive and should have their licenses provoked FOREVER. Even after 4 years I never really got use to it), group projects (GOODBYE forever. I KNOW you will not be missed) and homework/exams. Yes, the list of the things that I will miss is longer. I’ll miss the Institute, going to the football games as an ASU student, the SRC, the escort service (another story for another time), seeing various sisters, cousins and friends around campus and meeting up with them for lunch-the list goes on and on but I’ll stop for now, but it was indeed a good 4 years. After attending on llllooooonnnnngggg ceremony, going out to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, then attending another llllllooooooonnnnnngggg ceremony, I became an official college graduate. That night my mom put together a party for me where we ate brownies, mini cheesecakes, dips galore, Brazilian lemonade and play kinect dance central (love that game and Chase does too even though he may not admit it at first.) It was party no doubt. Just leave it up to my mom! She is the best. (Graduation pics soon to come!)

That weekend Chase and I headed up to Pine Dale AZ where his family has, what was once a cabin but it got burnt down in a fire about 10 years ago, what they currently call “the shack.” It is a nice shack if you ask me and their next project which they started while we up there, is a shower! Don’t ask if the shower has a cover over the top of it, for this matter is still under discussion but anywho….Going up to Pine Dale with Chase’s family is always fun and relaxing. A typical day up there, besides the work he and his brother and dad do, consists of reading in the hammock, going for a hike, eating, games, quad riding/riding Chase’s little, and I mean little, dirt bike, shooting and going spot lighting in search of elk (not elks- fyi.) Chase’s little bike is actually quite fun and let’s just say it wouldn’t be very difficult for him to convince me we need another one so we can ride together. Here is a picture of Chase getting some sick air (side note: it took a while for the photographer aka me to actually get him in the air so needless to say Chase’s behind was a bit sore afterwards just don’t tell him I told you that.)

We came home from Pine Dale rested and ready for the week which was the first week of full-time work. Well, technically I’m still interning at the Mesa Arts Center (only 8 1/2 hours to go!) which preoccupies me on Mondays and Thursday but other than that you can find me at work, or at home where you can find me working on work. Haha jealous? I don’t mean to complain. I enjoy my job! It will just to nice to rather than have to think about 50 things at once which all demand my time to be able to focus on just one thing during the day. Chase is also working full time and continues to be the hard-worker that he is! He has also taken up various tasks around our casa as well. Just this Saturday past, he spent all morning working on putting up new fiberglass along the side of our carport. With the help of his fam it looks great and the update was much needed. He also takes great care of our garden.

I love our garden. We planted it a bit late, so I can’t wait until everything starts to come on! We planted: pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, strawberries and a variety of peppers (bell, jalapeños and Chase’s favorite-habaneros!) I’m sad to report our strawberries aren’t looking too good-they just can’t take the heat-but everything else is looking good and happy. We are pretty sure that come a couple weeks we are going to have a good amount of vines wanting to go each and every way due to the pumpkins, cantaloupe and watermelon all growing outward instead of upward so we’ll see how this goes. Here is pic of Chase and our garden a few weeks ago. A picture of it now would show much larger plants and unfortunately some unwanted grass that we can’t get rid of. Oh well, we digress.

We spoke in church yesterday and apart from having a lot less time to speak than we were planning on (especially Chase), it went well! It is nice to be done with it though and to once and for all welcome summer in (with very open arms). Chase’s birthday is this Saturday, all our plans remain in the air at this moment in time but I’m sure this weekend will be a blast no matter what we end up doing. We both have Monday off of work too so we definitely can’t complain there! As far as summer plans go…a disneyland trip is in the works, Pine Dale is in there, and some other vacations are also still up in the air. On June 7th we get to go see Les Miserables at Gammage (a wonderful Christmas from my mom!) and I can’t wait. I saw it in London and few years back and fell in love with it. By the end of the play Julie, Katie and I were all in tears. And not like one tear running down our cheeks but buckets. I can’t wait.

Here are some more random pics taken over the last few weeks.

Me and baby Bennet celebrating my 22nd birthday. It was a really good day!

This was the tea-party my mom put on in honor of the royal wedding. (I have pictures of everyone completely asleep around 1 a.m. but I’ll be nice and not post those.) Nothing like not going to bed until 5 a.m. and having to be at work by 9! Haha the memories are worth it.