Another “life lately” post!

Oh my goodness. I really shouldn’t let myself get this so far behind on my blog. So many fun and new things are happening and I want to document them all! So here we go! Picture, pictures and more pictures.

Lately we have…

Taken naps in the woods

Celebrated Mother’s day (with breakfast in bed) and my mom’s birthday (My sister Katie gave us all a Sprinkles cupcake for Mother’s day too! Thank you Katie!)

Missed dadda for a week while he went to San Francisco for work

Celebrated this little girls’ 1/2 birthday

Got to eat delicious salads prepared by my wonderfully talented mother (This pic was taken weeks ago and I’m still dreaming about this greek salad she made!)

Wished we were at Disneyland

Got to swing for the first time in the same swing dadda used to swing in when he was little

Attended the beautiful wedding of Chase’s brother Justin and his new wife Ashley (Hadley was too interested in pulling at everyone’s flowers to care about anything else!)

Loved watching Baby Einsteins (She gets big smiles whenever the puppets come on-like in the first two pictures. Then stares in amazement and joy-like in the third picture! It kills me.)

Loved to lay on the bed and watch momma get ready (She especially loves when I use hairspray…who knows? But it’s cute!)

Hid from momma in the laundry (with dadda’s help of course!)

Swam with our cousins a lot (Our very own dis-functional family pic!)

Have started to use a baby monitor app and this is how Hadley tells me she is awake (She makes her way to the ipad and proceeds to grab it while smiling and talking. “Momma, I’m awake!”

And here is the famous “Okay, mom, you’ve taken enough pictures for now. Get that thing out of my face! (Or in my mouth!).” Either works


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