a few firsts…

Here are some more of Hadley’s “firsts”…

Her firsts attempts to roll over! She is getting super close but as yet to actually make it all the way over!

Her first sleepover without her parents (For TWO whole nights people!) She did great and we had lots of fun on our anniversary trip! a HUGE thank you to my wonderful mother (for both keeping her happy AND introducing her to cotton candy ;)!)

Her first trip to the Zoo. I know she really has no idea what’s going on but Hadley loves to be outside and part of the action! You can just tell by the way she watches her cousins play that she can’t wait to run around with them!

And as of a couple days ago she has been attempting to eat anything that she can get her hands on…(ie- books, iphone, pens) If you are holding her and have something in your hand, she grabs your hands and pulls them towards her with her mouth wide open. It’s pretty cute, especially because her mouth is so small!


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