Try a “ta-da!” list instead!

Well, I was on a roll as far as keeping up with this blog went! It only lasted for about a week or so but oh well!

Time is flying by (as always) and things are going good and staying busy for us! Between starting his last semester at ASU, a new internship (which he is loving and doing great at by the way) and a recently added tutoring job at ASU, Chase is staying pretty busy. The wonderful days we got to spend together over Christmas break seem forever away now and we miss seeing him as much as we got to then. We were definitely spoiled. I’m so grateful for Chase and all the hard work he is putting in for our family! Even though I know he has got to be exhausted after his day (that starts around 6 a.m. and goes until about 7 p.m some days) he comes home happy and always willing to help with dinner, play with Hadley, change diapers and just spend time with us. We are pretty lucky.

Motherhood has been great so far and has definitely been a huge learning experience! I think the hardest part is really just trying to balance everything. I’m SO lucky to be able to work from home (with the exception of going into the office a couple times a week and even then I can take Hadley with me!) so I can be with our daughter throughout the day. She has been the biggest blessing to us. I’ll share one quick thing that I have learned that has helped me out a ton since I have become a mother.

Each and every day we have a list of things we would like to get done, also known as a “to-do” list, and if you are anything like me not everything always gets done on that list which can be discouraging. (Like that moment when I realize that it is 5 o’clock and I am still in my pajamas). I can’t help but think to myself, “What did I even do today?” And that is when the discouragement kicks in.  So here is my challenge to you and me! Instead of making a “to-do” list one day this week, make a “ta-da!” list where you write down every.single.thing, you got done. (IE-every time you changed a diaper or how you emptied the dishwasher or did laundry, etc…) Moral of the story celebrate the positive and ignore the negative. Some days I’m sure will be harder than others but I’m excited to try this.

In the meantime, here is a picture for you! (Just because I think she is adorable!) Which reminds me I still need to post all of Hadley’s newborn pictures which turned out so stinkin’ cute. Post to come (hopefully) soon!



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