Overdue thank you’s!

Before Hadley was born I knew that our first few days at home after she was born were going to be busy ones! I knew we would have a new little baby to take care of and love and lots of lessons to learn, but what I didn’t really think of before was how different it would be trying to do what seemed to be mundane tasks in the past, at the same time.

That’s is where our family and friends come in and this is where I will never be able to say thank you enough!

I remember this one night in particular, probably when Hadley was about 2 weeks old or so, when a friend in the ward brought us a delicious dinner. After she left, as I looked at all the yummy food she had brought, that she had spent time and money in order to prepare, I remember thinking to myself- we are blessed. There is no doubt about it that Heavenly Father sends people in our lives to bless and strengthen us and I now have a reaffirmed testimony on the importance and power of selfless service.

Every night dinner showed up, it was a HUGE burden off of our shoulders as we got to simply sit down as a family and enjoy our meal together! I cannot say thank you enough! To our families and friends (and nurses and doctors- which will have to be another story for another time because seriously, every.single.nurse we had in the hospital was so amazing and so sweet!) supporting us through the pregnancy and birth. To my mom for staying with us for the first few nights and helping me learn to (hopefully) be as good of a mom she is one day. Not to mention all the meals she gave us and millions of questions I had that she answered! To Chase’s mom for all the meals and time she spent over here cleaning our house, which was the biggest help EVER! To everyone who brought meals, sent gifts, left anonymous gifts of BAGS full of baby clothes, books and toys. To everyone who called or simply stopped by! (The company was AMAZING- especially while Chase was finishing up his semester at school.) And to anyone else that helped us out that I might be missing.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Times a million! I get teary just thinking about it. We couldn’t have done it without you and our hearts are bigger because of you. I’m humbled every time a think and look back on it all. I’m reminded that when there is a chance to serve (whether big or small, easy or hard) I need to take it!

Thanks again! We love you all!


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