it helps…

…to have such cute nieces and nephews to calm any fears we may have of welcoming our own little baby into our home so soon.

Bennett’s little personality is to die for and I love his imagination. Here he is with his cousins,  having a picnic and the last picture is titled “Bennett the monster.” He is the cutest little guy.


Kambrie, of course, is who all the other little cousins adore, love and look up to! She is seriously the best at playing with them and gets a kick out of all the funny and random things that they do and say. (As do we all!) She loves adventure and is always up for a party, which comes in handy having the “G” (aka grandma for those who have no idea, that is what her grand kids call her) that she does.  We love Kam!




Madelyn is at such a fun stage and is becoming more and more independent everyday! I love just talking to her and hearing all the hilarious things that she comes up. She’s also at point where she makes up games and tries to get Bennett and Charly to play along.  Haha it’s great. Here she is relaxing eating popcorn, dressed up like a pirate and just being Maddy.

Charly girl (aka the little flirt) LOVES Uncle Chase. Since the beginning her smile is one of a kind along with her curls. She already has a mind of her own and loves to eat big people food. We love Charly. Here she is not wanting to leave Uncle Chase (see, I told you), being cute and showing off her curls.

Baby girl Wheeler, you are one lucky girl to have such awesome cousins.


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