Everyone deserves a “lately” post every now and then, right? Well, here is mine–iphone pics and all!

ASU football season is in full swing and as always, win or lose (cough, cough…last Saturday), we look forward to going to the tailgates/games on Saturday nights. We all sit in one the upper sections together so the kids have a little more room to roam and the crowd’s not nearly as bad. The view isn’t too bad either!

Two of the Devils’ biggest fans! They ask to go to football games in the middle of the week.

One bump is a football, the other bump is most definitely a baby.

My husband has been moving a hundred miles a minute these last few weeks getting our extra bedroom ready for baby. I try to help where I can but trust me when I say he’s been amazing. I can’t put into words how thankful I am to have such a hardworking husband who on top of school and work is so happily willing to spend time getting ready for our baby girl to arrive. He takes such good care of us.

I’ll post more pictures once the nursery is complete (we’ve been working on a couple different projects!) but here is a pic of the hutch we purchased at Goodwill that Chase painted and made beautiful. I love how it turned out! He also painted an old dresser and a side table, which also turned out great! I just can’t wait to put the rest of the room together.

The before…this picture doesn’t really do it justice. The hutch was in pretty bad shape and was in definite need of some TLC.

And the after…

We got to take one last trip to Pinedale before Chase’s parents left for Texas for 9 months. It’s always a nice little getaway!

The other night we decided to go eat dinner at Chick-fil-A and while we were ordering the cow came up behind me and scared me half to death! Needless to say I was checking over my shoulder every few minutes while we were eating to make sure he wasn’t there. Chase as well as the entire Chick-fil-A staff thought it was hilarious and were laughing the whole time we were there. Of course we couldn’t leave without taking a picture together. Best friends.

In other random thoughts…

I have mixed feelings about Hobby Lobby already have ALL of their Christmas decorations out. Am I alone in thinking this? I get why they do it but the fact that all their pretty much “leftover” Halloween decor is all condensed onto one shelf makes me feels like I’m way behind when it comes to planning ahead and that I should just skip on the Halloween decorations altogether and move onto Christmas. I quickly calm myself down though when I remember that I still have time and that it’s still September. (Although I am planning on putting up our decorations soon because I really do love Halloween!)

Speaking of the holidays, I love this time of year. I’m coming up with a fall bucket list of sorts that I can’t wait to get started on but I’ll save that for another post. This one is turning into mumbo jumbo of mixed, random thoughts so I better call it quits for now! Oh the brain of a pregnant lady!


4 thoughts on “lately…

  1. Sarah you’re so dang cute! I can’t believe how close you’re getting to the big day. I love the hutch as well! Miss you!

    • Thanks Lauren! I miss you too! Seriously every week I like, “I need to call Lauren. I need to call Lauren!” Haha so let’s talk soon! Lots of catching up to do I’m sure!!

  2. i love the hutch! And you are such a cute mommy to be. Keep that baby cooking! And Go chase for being such a good husband helping out with the nursery.

    • Thanks Cami! I’m definitely happy to keep our little girl cooking for as long as she needs! And hooray for helpful husbands. They are best! PS-Your little boy is adorable!

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