End of summer, frozen nutty bars and such!

Holy moly time is flying by! I feel like I’m always saying that but I just can’t help it. Is it really already September? Does 2012 really only have 4 months left in it? I guess so-I just can’t believe it! Chase and I had a great rest of the summer just enjoying the time we got to spend together, and with our families! And boy are we glad we took advantage of that time because things are definitely starting to pick up pace. Tis the season for school, bridal and baby showers, weddings, ASU football, holidays and not to far in the future baby!

I’m now 30 weeks along which, although I still have 10 more to go, seems like a pretty big milestone in my book! I still get an assortment of reactions from people when I tell them the due date and the people who flatter me with that’s-not-too-far-way response are still my favorite. I just want to give them a big hug. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for keeping this little girl of ours cooking for as long as she needs but I still can’t wait to meet her and hold her and love her even more than I already do!

A quick pregnancy update (since I know you are all dying to know, but truthfully I don’t want to forget!) at 30 weeks.

My new favorite treats are Nutty Bars. Frozen. They have to be frozen.

I’m pretty sure I can now join the club of knowing what it feels like to have a baby’s arm/leg/who knows what in my ribs. Awww, comfort!

I still love feeling her move, roll and kick around (even if it is in my ribs!). Seriously if someone looked at the right moment they would see my stomach doing all sorts of crazy movements.

I’ve been waking up at 4 in the morning and not being able to fall  back asleep.  I can’t figure our why, but it’s really not that bad!

This extra “little heater” (aka my growing stomach) that everyone was talking about has finally turned on. I can’t wait for it to cool down and I don’t think I am alone.

Our current list of names is still the same as it always has been-give or take a few names. I think we are going to wait to see her to officially decide though!

I’m a little worried about my pant situation right now. Maternity pants fit and all but are still uncomfortable to me especially when sitting down. Solution: wear actual pants as least as possible and stick to leggings and comfy pants as much as possible! (All without feeling too much like a bum 24/7.)

All in all though I honestly have NOTHING to complain about (and I promise I’m not writing this to complain!) and I’m so thankful for how great things have gone so far! We love our baby girl so much already and I’m so grateful for the chance I have to be her mom. And of course, I couldn’t do any of it without my amazing husband. He’s taking on all sorts of projects around the house and does it all with a smile. Yep, this “nesting” thing (for some reason I still laugh at that phrase) is in full swing. Which means as of right now, our house is a mess. But we are making progress and I’ll owe Chase a million back scratches and some, come November. He is the best!

Here are some pictures of Baby Girl Wheeler at our 3D Ultrasound, 28 weeks old! She spent most of the time trying to hide her face but we still were able to get a few smiles out of her…

And she is already a thinker!


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