Weekend in review!

Here are some pics to sum up our weekend full of family and beautiful weather (that I only wish could last forever! I love monsoon season.)

It’s a sad but also a happy thing to share the news that after almost 6 years of living in the Treasure Cove house my parents are moving. Even though I haven’t been living there for over a year now I still have lots of memories in that house as does my whole family I think. We spent pretty much all day Saturday packing things up and moving them over to the new house. Embarrassing as it is to admit, I still had some things to go through of my own in my old bedroom. Among them I found things like this note from Staci from years ago! We couldn’t help but laugh!

I also gave her something near and dear to my heart that taught me all that I know (a huge wink wink because honestly I have no idea where this book came from and have never read it before! I promise!)

Luckily we were inside packing and not actually moving when this downpour occurred! I love it though and had to resist going for a float in a inner tube or something! I’m going to miss this view.

Sunday we made a last minute trip up north to Pinedale with Chase’s parents where we got to enjoy even more beautiful weather and a very relaxing day- rain, naps, nature walks and dogs included!

Not pictured: Friday night we went out to Cheesecake Factory just because and it was delicious, as usual! Then we went and tested out some lazy boys. Let me just say, it may have been my first time in that store, but it won’t be my last! It was a great night.


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