23 weeks!

23 weeks!

Well, we’ve passed the half way mark and things are going good! I have been  feeling loads better these days and am EXTREMELY thankful for that! I decided it would be a good idea to every once and a while write down some things that I think will be fun to remember at a later date.

So in no particular order, here a few things that I am lovin’ these days:

When I get the reaction of “Oh November is coming fast!” from someone rather than “Oh man, you still have a ways to go.” Although the second may be true, I like the first reaction  much better

Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes, tomato soup (for dipping purposes), cottage cheese and salt and vinegar chips (Heaven! I’m getting hungry just typing this!)

My wonderful husband for taking such good care of me and not even thinking twice about it

Pretty much anything sweet but especially donuts and other delicious baked goods

Water (I pretty much ALWAYS have some with me and can’t seem to drink enough)

Katie’s prenatal yoga DVD she’s letting me borrow-I love it!

Feeling our baby girl kick

Clothes that fit

Mini dill pickes


Confessions: Recently I have become an advertisement sucker. I see (or hear someone talking about) something (usually food) and decide that it looks so delicious and then that I “need” to have it! It’s like I can’t get it out of mind! Once I have it the craving usually passes, but until then…it’s not pretty. For example, the other day I saw a commercial for Mac & Cheese and guess what we had for dinner that night? Poor Chase gets kept on his toes!

Also, Chase and I are deeply considering starting what we like to call “BBCA” or Buyers of Baby Clothes Anonymous. We have a problem of not be able to leave a store without buying at least one cute little onesie, dress or something! They are just too darn cute!


2 thoughts on “23 weeks!

    • Haha I can’t help it! And they were delicious 🙂 Yes, thanks for letting me borrow the Yoga dvd. I still need to try the work out one. I’ll put it on my to do list this weekend!

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