Disneyland withdrawals…already?

Yep, I’m already experiencing them. Major withdrawals from Disneyland. (And we haven’t even gone on our last trip yet! Not a good sign.)

It all started last Wednesday night when we booked our hotel for what will be our last trip to Disneyland for probably some time. Our annual passes are expiring soon, so I have known for awhile that it was going to end but I definitely didn’t expect to be this sad!! It’s pretty pathetic.

We’ve been SO LUCKY to have had these passes this last year and have more than put them to good use. It’s pretty funny because a lot of times we’ll get asked things like, “You guys are going to Disneyland again?” or “Do you ever run out of things to do?” or “Does it ever get boring?” Answers: YES! No and no. I’m not trying to put a major plug in for Disneyland here or anything but we really do have so many memories there. We (meaning our families and Chase and I) can walk around that park blind folded and know exactly where we are. We know what wait times are worth waiting for and when to not wait and go back, where to eat, which side of the line moves faster than the other, where almost all the hidden Mickeys are, have the fast pass system down PAT and know Oscar (sorry if you don’t know who Oscar is) on a first name basis.

I’m not saying this to be cool or anything and I am SURE there are other families just as nerdy as us out there (and yes I do think this is extremely NERDY!)—all I’m saying is that each vacation that we’ve been to there (rain or shine, packed or empty, hot or cold) has been jammed packed with so many memories!


Who will be the rebel spy? Following Mrs. Incredible. Dancing like Jasmine. Becoming Hans Solo and Princess Leia. Captain Eo (for the 385754 billionth time in a row!–Thanks Chase and Kyle!) Broken down Space Mountain. Fastasmic Mickey and dreams of becoming him. Dole whips. Corn dogs. Snowing on Main Street. Best Buzz score. Riding Dumbo in the pouring rain. Magic mornings. Grand Californian Hotel. Fast pass game plans. Jedi training and breakfast burritos. Playing corners on Thunder Mountain.

I really could go on and on but for the sake of the 3/4’s of you reading this that now think I am crazy, I’ll stop. To put it simply, it’s been a great year and I can’t wait to take our baby girl there for the first time someday (although I am sure she’ll be there for the first time long before she’ll ever be able to remember it!)

And as I finishing writing this I am once again torn when it comes to the question of whether or not to renew our passes! I may need some help standing strong on this one.

It’s just too tempting!

PS- This post has also made me miss my brother Kyle too! If anyone was/is a Disneyland fanatic, he was! Along with Chase, he was our fast pass runner extraordinaire.


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