It’s a…

Well our “revealing of the gender” party was a success! Here is a summary of the nights events in pictures!

First of all a BIG thanks to my mother for making every event (big or small) in her children’s lives seem like the biggest reason to celebrate and throw a party! (She did all of this.) Her guess was girl- hence the lips.

Both pink and blue decorations were needed since both were a possibility!

Lips = you think it is a girl. Mustache = you think it is a boy.

The girl guessers…looking very pretty in pink!

And the boy guessers…looking very astute in blue!

When it came time to reveal we brought out this soon-to-be-work of art! The idea was: throw a dart, pop a balloon and see blue, it’s boy! OR throw a dart, pop a balloon and see pink, it’s a girl!

Of course the first balloon popped was purple! Haha what can we say??  We thought it’d be cool to add some variety by adding some other colors in there! Turns out, purple completely confused everyone, leaving it a mystery a little longer until the balloon below was popped…

IT’S A GIRL! We are super excited to be having a sweet baby girl become the newest addition to our family come November. Lucky for us we have a lot more girls names picked out than we ever had boys! Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating with us. Now we have to wait until Monday to hear what my sister Julie is having! Any guesses?? I’m thinking girl. So is Chase.

Here are some more pics of the party!

Baby Charly LOVES her Uncle Chase!

Some swimming action

Yummy banana splits!

The finished project. I told you it was a work of art!


2 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. Sarah this is the best idea! I love that your Mom is always ready and willing to throw a party! So fun. I’m so happy for you guys! Love you!

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