Boy or girl?

(Written yesterday…didn’t post until today. Sorry!)

The mystery ends tomorrow! Before I even found out that we were have a baby (which was on our anniversary by the way, since I’ve never gotten around to blogging about the news of our newest addition yet–and still need to!) I always thought it would be fun to leave the sex of the baby a surprise until birth! Haha call me crazy, and a lot of people did, but I just thought it would be something fun and exciting to do. It’s never that I didn’t want to find out, it was just something that I had thought of as a possibility. None the less, we have to decided to find out and hope to tomorrow! We can’t wait. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’m looking forward to Monday and wish our appointment was a 8 am instead of the afternoon but I’m sure it’ll help the day go by fast!

Another question we get asked a lot is, “Are you hoping for a girl or a boy?” Some people honestly don’t believe us when we say we’d be happy with either, but really we will be! I mean how can you not be?

Here are our guesses as of tonight and a picture of me at 17.5 weeks! (Side note: I say “our guesses as of tonight” only because my prediction has changed about 135463 times! It’s subject to change at any given time.)

He’s guessing it’s a boy…

I’m guessing girl…

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m getting any bigger…but then I go to (try to) button my pants…


2 thoughts on “Boy or girl?

    • Haha thanks Cami! You’re the cute little mama! And getting so close to meeting your little guy 🙂 We are having a girl but will hopefully join the boy club too someday in the future! Hope all is going well!!

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