Another birthday!

Although it was almost a week ago now, last Monday was Chase’s birthday which happened to fall on Memorial Day this year which meant we got to spend the whole day together. I hope he had as good of a day as I had because he deserves the best. To say these past few months of pregnancy have been a walk in the park wouldn’t be the whole truth and Chase has been there to take care of me every step of way. Going above and beyond and doing everything he can to make me and baby comfortable. Even on his birthday while I was trying to spoil him, he was constantly asking if I was okay and if there was anything I wanted/needed. Here are a few pics–I only wish I had taken more!

Birthday boy bowler!

We’ve also got to spend some time with these two cute girls recently while their parents are in NY on vacation. I can’t help but sneak pictures of him being such a good uncle/future dad!

Their dolls.

Another picture I secretly took. (I’m getting pretty good at it if I do say so myself). Chase teaching me how to shine shoes. It’s the simple things in life. He’s the best! Happy birthday love!


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