One year older

Flash forward a month from our anniversary and we got celebrate me turning 23! Now I know to anyone older than me 23 is young but to me 23 sounds a lot older than 22 for whatever reason. I don’t really feel any older is just sounds older, you know? Maybe? Anyways I had a fabulous birthday spent with my family and friends.

The day started off with Chase taking me out to Joe’s Farm Grill for breakfast! (Yes, for those of you that don’t know they do serve breakfast and it was delicious! Dare I say even better than lunch/dinner there.) We split Joe’s big breakfast between the two of us and left feeling full and happy. After that, Chase dropped me off at work where I found my desk decked out in birthday decor- Disney princess themed. The girls at work know me well (that and know that whenever I miss a day of work it is usually because I am at Disneyland). Which only happens every month or so…not uncommon, right? My mom, sister Staci, cousin Cathy and Madelyn brought me lunch and then met up with Chase and I later that afternoon for some shopping and, what do you know, more eating!

We met some of the rest of the family for dinner and then went and fulfilled a dream by not only seeing Titanic in 3D but seeing it at iPic theaters! (Quick plug for iPic- if you haven’t gone, go! It is worth every penny to spoil yourself every once in a while with personal recliner chairs, a pillow and blanket, personal popcorn bags and the option of having food served right to you chair all while enjoying a movie! And if you go, go to the bathroom while you are there! Trust me, you will thank me later.

It was a great day! I have some pictures to document the day but looking back now I wish I would have taken more!

Decorated office! The girls that I work with are awesome!

Couldn’t go shopping without this cute girl! Crazy thing is, she could actually walk around in those shoes!

Ready for our movie to start!

He is such a good sport! Not to mention the fact he made my 23rd birthday perfect!


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