Update on Goals: February

Even with one extra day added to it (happy leap year everyone!) February still seemed liked a super short month to me. Short but good none the less. Chase has been beyond busy with school and work (I cannot wait until he graduates), work has kept me busy as well, amongst  other various activities for the both of us. While some goals need some catching up to, we are doing pretty good with the rest. Here is a quick update!

4. Master the french braid: Although I have not mastered it yet I have been trying some new do’s every now in then in hopes of one day (by the end of this year) accomplishing this goal.

6. Create a photo book of our first year of being married: almost done.

9. Call a friend I haven’t talked to in a while once a month: check!

13. Taking vitamins: been doing good so far!

19. One random act of kindness a month: check!

24. Read the Book of Mormon before July 1st: we’ve got some catching up to do but we’re doing good!

27. 72 hours kits completed by March:…ummm this one, as important as it is, is getting pushed back a month. We have been buying things for them here and there, now it is just a matter of getting the rest of the items needed and putting them altogether.

30. Makes hats for the homeless: Chase gave me some basic crocheting lessons has a start. I’m excited to learn!

31. Participate in fizz-free February: much to Chase’s dismay since soda is a nice companion to have on long nights of staying up late finishing homework…check! He was trooper the whole way through and I am very proud of him for doing it.

33. Review our goals: more or less this is getting done but there is definitely room for improvement!

Well there you go! Typing this up has been really good for me to see kind of where we are at and an overall of how we are doing. Yay for goals! Apparently February is the hardest month to get through with New Year’s resolutions so keep up the good work and don’t give up. Even if you are slacking in a goal or two right now (like me)  just tell yourself  to keep on going and the best is yet to come! What would life be like if there was never any room for improvement?


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