Febphotoaday catch up

Because it is definitely needed, here is my quick febphotoaday catch up. I’ll blame my laziness falling behind on being a little bit under the weather the last few days.

Make me happy…there is a lot in life that makes me happy, but this guys takes the cake!

Inside your closet…honestly for all the other photo-a-day’s even though I didn’t post the pictures, I at least remembered to take the pictures. Well I completely forgot to take a picture of inside my closet but let me reassure you, you’re not missing out on much! Next up…

Blue…the color of the beautiful sky. (This got me out of house on the day that I stayed home sick from work)

Heart…my homemade Valentine for my sweetheart. And something from him to me. I love my man.

Phone…too bad no one really has home phone’s anymore. I think these are kind of cool looking.


Well there you have it! Here is to hoping I don’t fall behind again. Still to come… post on January/Mid-February update on goals!


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