35 things

When it comes to goal setting my sister Katie is the perfect example for me to look to. Before setting our new goals a few weeks back (I know I should have written this post a while ago but better late than never) Chase and I literally read through all of Katie’s posts on the do and don’ts of goal setting and all her little tips, tricks and ideas. I especially like how Katie doesn’t look at goal setting like it is this huge, daunting task but rather she remembers that it is small every day things that matter. I’m not going lie, in the past it is almost as if I am afraid to set a goal in fear of not being able to reach it. It’s not that I’ve dreamed too big or set my standards for myself too high, I just forgot how it important it is to make your goals attainable, reasonable AND fun so that you will not only achieve the goals you’ve set but you’ll enjoy the road along the way. So this year, Chase and I have tried to do just that. We set some goals as individuals as well as goals as a family and I so excited to see them through. I don’t know about you, but I love the feeling of accomplishment and getting to do something that YOU’VE always wanted to do. So find what you want to do, set a goal and DO IT. Because, really, why not?

My goals

1. Go on 5 new hikes (Excited for this one!)

2. Read 5 new books

3. Play my viola at an event

4. Master the french braid (Something I have always wanted to do)

5. Create our honeymoon photo book (I recently just completed our wedding book)

6. Create a photo book of our first year of marriage

7. Hang the big picture frame I brought in the family room

8. Finish the book about my Grandma’s history

9. Call a friend I haven’t talked to in while once a month

10. Come up with a system to keep track of the food we have in our home

11. Make a video to music

12. Sit down and eat breakfast at home before work for one week (A lot times I either eat breakfast at work or on the go. It will be nice to sit down and eat!)

13. Start taking vitamins (Try to keep the habit up throughout the year!)

14. Throw a party

15. Finish creating my dream board

16. Sew something (Can be anything from a simple craft to a quilt)

17. Get my car detailed

18. Donate old clothes and things to DI

19. One random act of kindness a month

20. Make the bed every day for 2 weeks straight (I’m pretty good at this already but every once in a while it gets forgotten)

Our Goals

21. Visit all the Arizona temples

22. Attend a temple out of State

23. Go to the temple 2 times a month

24. Read Book of Mormon before July 1st,

25. Read D&C before August 31st

26. Read The New Testament by end of January 2013

27. Finish 72 hour kits by March

28. Plan our lessons for Church 1 week in advance

29. Follow through with our mission plan

30. Make hats for homeless (Chase is going to teach me his crocheting skills and we are going to make hats to give out to the homeless next Christmas along with buying extra toothpaste, toothbrushes, band-aids, socks, etc. throughout the year, to give out as well)

31. Participate in fizz-free February

32. Go on a camping trip- just us

33. Review our goals once a month

34. Figure out insurance

35. Make a new ice cream flavor every month (with Chase’s ice cream maker he got for Christmas)

We also want to do some sort of fast from eating out but we haven’t really come up with specifics for it yet.

Anyways, those are our goals and with some faith, patience and perseverance I know we’ll be able to accomplish them all and more! I’ll try my best to the keep the blog updated on how we are doing with these.  A special thanks to Katie for helping us without even knowing it. I can’t wait to get started!


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