Christmas with a dash of New Year!

Let me start off by saying that I know Christmas deserves its own post and probably a more detailed one than this is going to be BUT…this will have to do! Christmas was wonderful. I’m so happy that we are close to both of our families so we can participate in all the fun traditions with everyone. Like the Christmas eve play, feeding the homeless on Christmas morning, playing games all night long and a tradition I’m sure everyone has-eating lots of good food! Sounds cheesy but this year I took time to notice more than ever how lucky Chase and I are. We both got everything we could’ve asked for and more. Even just the ability to give each other and other people gifts is a HUGE blessing. We have food to eat, a warm bed to sleep in, a home to go to at night, our families, each other, the gospel. What else do we really need? I told you this was going to be cheesy but it’s true!

Here are pictures of both Christmas and New Years!

Chase and I opened some presents before breakfast and some after. Still trying to decide where to hang his Captain Eo poster…


Nieces and nephews make the holidays all the better. I love them!


The day after Christmas Chase and I hiked the wind caves. Tested out my new shoes and enjoyed beautiful weather! I love hiking.


On New Years Eve day we went to Pinedale with Chase’s parents. A special thanks to them and Chase for helping me make a snowman! He didn’t turn out too bad if you ask me.


Some New Years Eve pics:


We had a pretty awesome private firework show at midnight provided by the Wheeler family.

And just for fun, pictures of us on a Sunday stroll. Proof that playing in leaves is still fun even in your twenties! Ha well at least it is to me.


Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to all! 2012. Really?


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