day 29

I’m posting this post from Chase’s brand new (a little bit early of a Christmas present) computer. It’s nice and I think I might be sneaking on here from time to time…

Since I’m still not feeling all that great today (aka I feel like my head is going to explode if I sneeze one more time) I’ve been thinking about just how grateful I am to be healthy. When I’m not sick, I don’t really think about it but when I am sick, even it’s not that bad, all I can think about it what I would give to not be feeling this way. To be able to have the energy to make dinner, clean the house, run errands, or even wrap presents–the little things I take for granted when I am healthy. But, as always, being sick is extremely humbling to me because it forces me to stop and be grateful for what and more importantly who I have around me and how much they are willing to go out of their way to make me feel better. Day 29.

281. Soap

282. Fruits

283. Vegetables

284. Dancing in the car

285. A good night’s rest

286. Advice from others

287. Driving with the windows down

288. Home videos

289. Clorox wipes

290. Our poinsettia plant from Chase’s parents (the color of red is so pretty!)

Well, I’ve only sneezed about 10 times since I have started writing this so I think I’ll call it a night!


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