days 24, 25 and 26

Well due to some early black Friday shopping (which my husband was a trooper for following me, my sisters, my mom, my aunt and my cousins around-Kyle was there too) and a late football game last night, I haven’t had a chance to blog my last few days yet so I thought I would combine the 3 days into one.  First off I want to start  by saying that we had a great Thanksgiving. One tradition that we have is our Annual Allen Family Turkey Bowl. (Ha sounds WAY more official when I put it in words!) We just go to the park around the corner from my parents house, divide up into teams and play some flag football. Nothing fancy but so much fun. I love holidays for many reasons, and the fact that they bring families together and take us outside in the fresh air, is one of them. We weren’t the only family outside playing together and it is so good to see that! I just love Thanksgiving. I think one of my new year resolutions may be to remember (more often) to be grateful, all throughout the year! Days 24, 25 and 26.

231. Turkey

232. Sweet potatoes

233. Homemade rolls

234. Green bean cassarole

235. Mashed potatoes

236. Gravy

237. Cranberry

238. Yellow banana jello salad

239. Pecan Pie

240. Banana cream pie

241. Big tables

242. Our family Christmas present exchange

243. A chance to bundle up

244. The spirit of Christmas

245. AZ’s winter weather

246. Seeing old friends and family after a long time

247. Lazy mornings

248. Crossing things off my to-do list

249. Lazy afternoons

250. Fireplaces

251. Whipped cream

252. Parks

253. My ability to make decisions

254. Wrapping paper

255. Tape

256. Making things beautiful

257. Being healthy

258. Eating utensils

259. Making decisions with Chase

260. Thanksgiving weekend

I guess the list gets pretty long when you combine 3 days together! I hope everyone is enjoying there Thanksgiving weekend. It’s not over yet!


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