day 23

Today is Bennett Allen Boyster’s 1st Birthday and it is pretty safe to say that he is pretty much the cutest little man ever! Julie put on an awesome “monster-themed” party that was so much fun and so cute. Here is a picture of the cookies me, my mom, Cathy and Staci made for the party.

(Don’t mind the random vampire cookie in the middle there.)

I love you baby Bennett! Happy Birthday! Day 23.

220. Cookies

221. Cheesecake

222. Pictionary

223. Presents

224. Homemade pie crusts

225. Homemade pies

226. Flag football games

227. Hugs

228. Kisses

229. Paid Holidays

230. Family, family, family

I know I have listed family before but I just really don’t know where I would be without them. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “day 23

    • Ha it’s true Marie! He does look slightly jealous and a little unaware of the picture being taken! Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving!

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