day 21

Today I am extra thankful for the fact that one of my very favorite cousins Cathy Wall is making a last-minute trip to AZ to spend Thanksgiving with us! It’s been way to long since I have seen this girl. I literally cannot wait until Wednesday! (Wednesday around 3:30 if we want to be specific.) That’s when all the festivities can begin starting with learning how to make homemade pie crust and pie with my mother-in-law and then Bennett’s 1st Birthday Party. Day 21.

201. Cousins

202. Costco samples

203. Yummy cheeses

204. Fresh air

205. 99.9

206. Our annual passes to Disneyland

207. Mirrors

208. Celine Dion

209. My past teachers

210. Puppies

Speaking of firsts, we accomplished (may not be the right word) a huge 1st today. We bought our first Christmas movie/s today. Any guesses on what they are? I say “they” because they came in a 3 combo DVD pack for super cheap because they are super cheesy, yet super good. They are sequels to each other and could definitely be put under the category of “Hallmark movies” …

(Insert picture with Cathy in it here if I had any, which I do not!! Guess it’s time to bust out the camera.)


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