day 15

I have a confession to make…I’ve started listening to Christmas music. (Gasp! Shock! Disbelief!-I know, I know. I experienced them too.) In my defense, I was simply just going to see whether or not 99.9 had started playing it yet and…I got hooked. I’ll admit, it does feel a little weird and I probably won’t listen to it as much as I will come November 25th but the fact that time is going by SO fast made me feel a little bit better. Don’t worry Mr. Turkey I have not forgotten about you and have no intentions of doing any such thing! In fact I’m actually more excited for Thanksgiving now and am very much looking forward to it. Day 15.

141. Water bottles

142. Christmas music

143. Soups

144. Bread

145. Vacations

146. Sales

147. Lights

148. Airplanes

149. Ice

150. Microwaves

(sorry I didn’t post this yesterday! Our internet was down and I never got the chance.)



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