day 11

Happy 11.11.11! You have to admit that today’s date is pretty awesome. And it honor of today’s lucky number being 11 I will include 11 things on my thankful list today. Day 11.

101. Harry Potter

102. Surprises

103. Weekends

104. Nail polish

105. Makeup

106. Sticky notes

107. Blogs

108. Gum

109. Pens

110. Cloudy days

and da da daaaa….drum roll

111. The number 11

P.S- I heard a cute story on the radio this morning where a couple was sharing their love story (no family I was not listening to 99.9) and since they got married November 11th, 2000, today they are celebrating their 11th anniversary! Pretty cool, uh? Yay for the number 11! Tentative plan for the weekend: date night tonight, shopping tomorrow with sisters, ASU football tomorrow night. Have a good one! My sister Jenna posted this on facebook today and I think it is cute.

Count the number of 11’s included in this post? (not including this last one) Coincidence?


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