day 8

If I thought it was hard to get out of bed during the summer, I’m in big trouble now. Staying in a nice warm bed is just so more inviting than getting up and being cold! But none the less, I did get up this morning with enough time to start the laundry, make cupcakes and get to work a few minutes early. Ask my husband. This is an accomplishment! Day 8.

71. Face wash

72. Dishwashers

73. Washing machines

74. Dryers

75. Video cameras

76. My wedding ring

77. General conference

78. My straightener

79. Water

80. Camping

Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “day 8

  1. Marie getting out of a hot shower is the worst! I have to set my alarm extra early in the winter to make up for the procrastination of getting out of bed and the extra long shower!

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