honestly to die for pumpkins rolls

I’m normally not one for taking pictures of myself, but when the picture of myself involves me holding up one of my new favorite fall treats that I am about to enjoy, why the heck not?! I want you all to see the deliciousness, which might–just might, entice you to try them for yourselves. I promise if you do you won’t be disappointed. Yes your kitchen will get messy but your stomach (and who ever you decide to share these with) will be Happy! With a capitol H! Since being married (and my family will attest to this) I love getting recipes from Our Best Bites. Seriously they should hire me to run their marketing department, I talk about them so much. Their website can be found here. This particular recipe however can be found here. (The only thing I did differently was add chocolate chips. You know, to make them healthier?)  If by chance you do decide to try them-hope you enjoy them! And Happy October. I just love October.


2 thoughts on “honestly to die for pumpkins rolls

  1. Katie you must try them! I still have some from the weekend and seriously they get better with time after they are well-chilled. (Well not too much time because that would be disgusting). I’ll try to get one to you today!

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