in our free time

free time (according to


  1. time available for hobbies and other activities that you enjoy
  2. time that is free from duties or responsibilities

ohhhhh so that’s what it is? Okay I’m exaggerating a little. Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life Chase and I have come to find out that (every once and a while) we actually DO have some free time. More than not these times are few and far between but we enjoy them none the less! Sometimes we spend these times grocery shopping together (although I not sure if this counts because grocery shopping to me is more of a duty than a hobby but you get the point), at Disneyland, with our families, playing with our adorable nephew and nieces, watching movies (we are now on episode 6 of our Star Wars “marathon”-another story for another time but believe it or not I’ve loved every cheesy minute of it!), reading, playing kinect dance, cooking/baking/eating (which, at least at this point in my live, I still enjoy all three), window shopping, sleeping, making crafts (this is mostly me), etc. 

And recently we have become particularly fond of an extremely random pass time that involves looking at puppies that are for sale online. Laugh all you want but we are quite entertained as we imagine what it would be like having these little/big guys running around our home.

Yep, free time is nice and I am always thankful for it. Especially when it comes after a long day of work or school that has caused your brain to turn to mush. Anyone else have any random pass times?


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