10 days

Welp, it is official. School started without me on Thursday. I knew I would miss it eventually, I just didn’t think it would happen so fast! I’m not going to lie I felt a little bit like a mom as I helped Chase put a lunch together and grab some breakfast before he got out the door. Sad but true that I almost even made him stand by the door for a traditional “first day of school picture” (which, by the way, my mom made us take every year religiously ALL.the.way.through.college!) but I resisted. So he left and I got ready and went to work. He had a great first day though and even brought me back an official ASU academic year success planner. Yes, it’s nerdy but I really wanted one of these even though I no longer have to plan along with an academic year. Not only am I just use to using this particular planner since I have used one for the last four years of my life, but this planner also has all the ASU football games pre-written in! ASU football. Countdown to kickoff. ONLY 10 DAYS. Now that, is something to look forward to.

(click play on video below if for some strange reason you are not already excited)

True fans may notice that this is indeed an older video, but you still get the point.

Yeah, when I said that my family is Disneyland fanatics I forgot to mention we are ASU football fanatics too. I mean, we are the fans that drive miles to go to games and we are also the fans that stay to the very end. Win or lose. You gotta love it.


2 thoughts on “10 days

  1. Thanks Renee! I miss you guys too!! I still love reading your blog too. So glad to hear you guys are doing well! I’ll never get over how big everyone is getting…hope you guys had a wonderful summer and that everyone is having a smooth transition back into school 🙂

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