i love you five

I love my husband for many, many, MANY reasons. His patience and love towards me never ceases to amaze me. I’m not quite sure how he does it, but he always knows just what to do to make my day. Whether I have a long day at work or just an off day, he is always so mindful of me and how I am feeling, even though I know he is tired and has had a long day himself. He knows me so well (sometimes better than I know myself!) and I am so happy to have found him and get to spend my life with him. So like I said I love him for many reasons but here are just a few…

He is a Disneyland die-hard…

It turns out Chase does love Disneyland as much as I do. Some would say my family is pretty die-hard Disneyland fanatics and some would say that is understatement. Turns out my hubby cannot only survive an 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. day at Disneyland but he enjoys it and can do it all again the next day too with just as much energy as the first! We had to really talk ourselves into to it (wink wink) but we even bought annual passes this year! Needless to say we’ll be back again soon.

He take me on dates…

A couple weekends ago Chase asked me out on a date for Friday night. Now some may say once you are married, life is pretty much one long date but it is still fun to be “asked out” and to see what he has planned up his sleeve. This time in particular Chase took me shopping! Who could complain about that?! He pretty much said lead the way and go for it! It was wonderful to spend a relaxing night with him walking around the mall and….get a few new clothes in the process. Towards the end of the night, we ended up finding our way to Barnes and Noble and lets just say it is good thing they stay open late because I am sure we could both spend forever in there and be content. (That’s another thing I love about him is that he loves to read!) and kind of a long the same lines as shopping…

He buys things for me when I am in the bathroom…

Just last night we were out shopping when I spotted some totally random, cute, little dessert plates. Don’t ask me why I need them (because I don’t!) but it was love at first site. (I love little things like this hence the tea set that I had to buy before I left Paris.)  We had already gone through the check out and were about to leave when I saw them and then proceeded to sit there and admired them for probably 10 minutes. Anywho, I decided I had go to the bathroom before we left and met Chase back in front of where I left him minutes before. I eventually talked myself into not buying the plates by saying I would maybe come back for them later, but when we go to put the other bag in the back of the car what does Chase pull out? The plates!! Didn’t think I was gone that long but it turns out it was long even for him to buy the plates, take them to car and get back inside without me even noticing. I love him. I also love my new plates.

A few things that don’t have pictures associated with them are: he is always here to listen, he will play kinect dance with me, he will give me long back rubs and ask for nothing in return, he is a hard worker, he loves to have fun, he loves our families, he sees the best in me, he supports me, he lets me listen to Celine Dion in the car, and he would pretty much do anything for anyone. There is more! But I’ll stop there.

Something that I have really learned in the short time that I have been married is to appreciate the little things in life and to really cherish the ones you love and the time you get to spend with them. I love you babe! Thanks for helping me want to be a better me each and every day.


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