party with the party people

I love taking pictures. I don’t have a super fancy camera or anything and I have never taken a photography class but I still love it. Ask my hubby, I ALWAYS have my camera. On rare occasion do I not have it and it is when that happens that I really wish I did. Another thing that I love is my family. I love them for many reasons of course, one being that they are par.ty.go.ers. No matter the activity, no matter the notice, no matter what time of day, they are up for it. I’m not going to lie and say that it is easy to keep up with all the time but the memories are worth it.

Put these two things that I love together and what do you get? Da da da daaaaa… of my family! First of them being…Chase and I at the opening night of Les Miserables. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen this play twice now and I absolutely love it. Love the music. Love the story-line. If you ever get the chance to see this play, see it!

Another adventure that took place this month was MIGHTY MUD MANIA! The name is awesome enough without explanation but for those of you who may not know what this is, I’ll explain. Once a year, a park in Scottsdale turns into a GIANT mud pit. There are mud pits, obstacles courses, slip-in-slides, food, music and (something new we discovered this year thanks to Madelyn) bubbles, and lots of them. Being 22 and wanting to go play in mud, I thought it might be a good idea to take along a youngin so we could “be there for them.” Well, this particular 18-month-old that I decided to bring as my “I’m here for her” (what a sport) apparently DOES NOT, I repeat DOES NOT like to get dirty. No worries though, with G their Maddy still had fun, especially after we located the bubbles. We had lots of fun and will definitely be back next year!

Me: “See Maddy, this dirty inner tube is fun!”—Didn’t buy it.

Me: “Nice froggy!”—Didn’t buy it.

Me: “Look at all the other kids having so much fun!”—Didn’t buy it.

After we found the bubbles/G…one happy little girl!

The end results

Another kick we have been on this month is going to Diamond Back games! This last time we pick up Los Favoritos (a really yummy Mexican food restaurant) and ate dinner at the game! Dessert consisted on dill spitz (an old favorite of Chase and a new very favorite of Maddy) and red vines. We had a good time!

Maddy eating the “de-shelled” spitz! After every one she ate, she would look up and have a huge smile on her face. She was eating them WAY faster them we could de-shell them!

And what better way to end the month then by running into you family outside the movie theater looking like this…

Any guesses as to the movie they were going to see?


Yes…Mr. Poppin’s Penguins

Ya, we party with the party people.


3 thoughts on “party with the party people

  1. I WILL leave a comment. Um. Where to start. First, my old roommate had the same blog idea, hers is wegotmarriedsonowwehaveablog. Awesomesauce. Second, Jordo says the mud mania was fun, but I’m not entirely jealous of you guys for getting to go. Third, just make sure you guys are around a lot the next time we come down, ok? I like a good party. And I’m only 3 years older than you, so it’s really not weird, right? And fourth, Congratulations on making it through school!! That is no easy feat.

    And now you have my blog, too. It’s fun like that.

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