summer, no somedays

No, it’s not summer yet. Yes, I have plenty of stuff I could be doing now instead of writing this post. No, I don’t really feel like doing any of that stuff. So yes, I’m going to continue to write.

So I graduate in approx. 21 days from today. Crazy. I know it’s been four years but I really can’t believe it. And to be honest, although I probably won’t miss the homework and group projects, I think I’ll miss school. But anyways that’s not the point of this post.

With summer right around the corner (okay let’s face it, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now) I have come up with a thing or two that I have decided I am going to do with some unfamiliar free time that will soon be at hand. I’ll still be working full time this summer so I know I won’t have all the time in the world, but I’m thinking I’ll have a little more free time than I do now…maybe! Some of these things may be lame but what can I say? Life is too short, do what you love. Cheesy I know, but true.

Numero uno: I want to start playing my viola again. Playing for almost 1o years straight and then just stopping? Doesn’t make sense right? Not sure how I am going to pick it up again but don’t worry, it will happen.

Numero dos: Improve my culinary skills. Cook, bake, decorate. All of the above.

Numero tres: Learn how to type…the right way. I can type proficiently enough to get by at this point but lets just say my pointer fingers do a lot more work than the other fingers. Time to share the wealth. Call me a nerd if you must but it is still a goal.

Numero quarto: Organzine. Enough said.

Numero cinco: Enjoy down time. Read a book just because, go on hike, rollerblade, go camping, photograph more, be crafty and do yoga–hey I’ve always thought that it would be really neat to become certified to actually teach some yoga classes myself. Never say never. Right, Justin B?

There’s more, oh is there more, but I’ll stop there. I’m pretty tired of saying, “Someday I’ll do this, ” and “Someday I’ll do that.” Yes, I understand I won’t be able do everything at once but this summer is not about somedays. It’s just not.

fyi–most of concotions I’m dieing to try to cook/bake comes from this website. I mean just look at this picture. I’m obsessed.


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