to multi-task or not to multi-task?

Okay, to whomever this may concern…

have you ever tried to multi-task? Well let me tell you I have and to be honest sometimes it doesn’t turn out all that great. For one thing being able to work from where ever you have a computer doesn’t help. I’ll be at school, needing to work on at least 8 papers and 20 group projects and I’ll be trying to work at the same time! For example just the other day I was trying to do so many things at once, at one point I completely stopped dead in my tracks and couldn’t remember what I was doing. No bueno. So I thought to myself, maybe multi-tasking isn’t that great of a skill when it comes to certain things. In some cases it is useful (like brushing your teeth while making the bed) but in others…well you get the point. I guess I just need to refocus on my focusing skills…

Soooo to multi-task or not to multi-task, that is the question.


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